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Mar 26 2009

Woman on the Street

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Put me back in the water. I have had too many Cate vs asphalt encounters in my life to enjoy antics such as sea kayaking down the street. Some how the guys convinced me that I should be the test dummy for this little project. Yes, I was wearing my helmet.

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Mar 24 2009

Mendocino Coast Kayaking ROCKS!!!

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Our new and improved Liquid Fusion Kayaking website is up and running. On Saturday, we managed to get out for some paddling fun with some friends from Humboldt County as well as some of our local Mendocino Coast kayakers. The “short boat” revolution on the Mendocino Coast continues as we show our “long boat” sea kayaking friends the funness of ocean rock gardening with “short boats” – whitewater and sit on top kayaks.

We are continually amazed by the playground that is in our backyard. We love kayaking in Fort Bragg’s Noyo Bay. It is close to home, Bear and Aften (our dogs) love the leash free beach, good food is close by at Silver’s, and we have a playground of rock garden features (rocks in the ocean that we can paddle around, through, or over and that often create whitewater, waves, and currents with the swells and surges of the ocean). One day Jeff counted 30 different play spots.

We compare our Noyo Bay to a skatepark. Like skaters, we rally our friends, don our protective gear, and seek to perfect our moves and create new ones as we play and interact with the features. We marvel at all that the Noyo Bay has to offer in such a small area – sea caves, gigantic rocks, rock reefs, a few nice surf waves, pour overs, surge channels, and amazing beauty. The wildlife is all around us and doesn’t pay much head to our antics. Occasionally we will have harbor seals following us about and watching with amused curiosity as we seal launch and slide on the rocks.

Creativity is a large part of ocean rock gardening. It is fun to experience with friends as each has their own paddling style and interpretation of the feature. We enjoy taking seasoned paddlers with us as well as adventurous first timers. Again, it is like a skatepark with features for all skills and abilities and the opportunity to be inspired and awed as the skilled “Go Big.”

For me, it is fun to play and explore my creativity as a kayaker but also to share the experience through my photos and videos. I hope that you enjoy them.

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Mar 16 2009

Mendocino Coast Sea Kayaking

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On Saturday we had a great coastal exploration of the rugged Fort Bragg Coastline. Rain was in the forecast for the Mendocino Coast and the skies were a bit gray, but the tide was high and the ocean was calm and beautiful. We had the pleasure of sharing the calm before the storm with a family from Santa Rosa.

We got to explore some of the “inside” passages along the Fort Bragg Coastline that are only accessible to kayaks and only on certain tides. Two of the photos here are of one of my favorite spots which we call the “maze.” I paddle this area a lot and each time continue to be awed by these awesome geological features. As we watch a blowhole, I marvel at the handiwork of the ocean in carving this beautiful coast.

We are thrilled to see the return of the Pigeon Guillemots to the Mendocino Coast. At first we hear their high pitched wheezy whistle and then start seeing them in the water and flying to their nests. We are careful to give their nesting areas a wide berth. They too are fans of the rugged Mendocino Coast as they like to nest in the sea caves, arches, and nooks that the ocean has carved into the rocks.

After a meander through our coastal rocks and checking out some oyster catchers, we ventured out to sea to look for whales. We love our tandem sea kayaks because they are so stable and fast that we can easily guide novices out into the ocean. The sun poked out, and we were all quite warm as we paddled about a mile off shore to look for whales.

The whales were not particularly cooperative with our mission to see them. Sighting three spouts were the extent of our whale watching; however, we got to see some murres and had a great viewing of the colony of California Sea Lions that hangs out near and on the Noyo’s bell and whistle buoys.

Our return to the Noyo Beach was easy as the wind and swells carried us along. With our coaching, our novice kayakers were able to surf a couple of the swells which is an exhilarating feeling. As we returned to Noyo Beach, we were greeted by some friendly dogs who were enjoying another beautiful day on the Mendocino Coast.

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Mar 16 2009

Stir Crazy for the Sea

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Ahhhh . . . rainy days don’t get me down but our website being down might. 10 days ago our Liquid Fusion Kayaking website finally said “ENOUGH!!!, I am old and just can’t take another update.” It still has our calendar, our Mendocino Coast sea kayaking video, and information about our classes, but the time has come for a new site. So this woman on water has been woman on the computer and has been consumed with rebuilding our site.

As I develop the pages, write the descriptions, and upload photos; I long for the water. I am getting excited about how the new site is looking but am anxious to launch it and to be able to get more time in on the water.

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Mar 12 2009

Whale Watching on the Mendocino Coast

Attention all marine mammal fans. We are having another spectacular whale migration. The past 2 days in Fort Bragg have been sunny and warm with calm wind conditions which makes for ideal whale watching. We were scouting the surf from the headlands yesterday and saw half a dozen spouts within a mile from shore. We were on a surfing mission with our surf kayaks so no kayak whale watching, but now I am on a mission to get some video footage of the whales from a kayak. Each time that I have been out whale watching in my kayak, I have been too enthralled with the experience to pick up my camera. Which is saying something as I am quite a bit of a shutterbug.

Come paddle with us to SEA the Whales or watch for my next posting to see if I got my video.

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Mar 03 2009

Need for Water?

Just finished reading the article from Newsweek titled “Why We Need More Time in Nature.”

I couldn’t agree more and reading the comments posted indicated that many agree.

Even more interesting would be research on why many of us feel such a draw and connection to water. Perhaps it is because our bodies are over 70% water or maybe that our planet is mostly made up of water and our lives depend so greatly upon it.

Regardless, my recommendation is to get out there and enjoy it.

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Mar 02 2009

Paddling Resources on the Net

Since starting my blog, I have been scanning the internet for ways to find other kayaking blogs. Many of the different manufacturers have blogs that you can access from their website, but a recent posting on alerted me to If you are interested in all things sea kayaking and the most comprehensive listing of paddling blogs, be sure to check it out. As I am in the hunt for a second digital waterproof camera, another blog that I recently found was paddling with a camera.

I am continuing to research paddling websites on the internet and am impressed by the activity in many of the paddling community forums. definitely appears to be one of the most diverse and popular. Being a California Whitewater Boater, I of course find Boof to be entertaining and useful. Kayak Mind is a smaller but growing online paddling community with a very visually appealing layout. I first got interested in Kayak Mind when I found out it was how the Boater Chick Festival got started.

YouTube continues to be a big source of paddling entertainment. One of my favorite YouTube videos was The Cold Edge: Winter Sea Kayaking in Kachemak Bay, Homer, Alaska. We have been inspired by the video world and have recently posted 2 videos of our paddling here on the Mendocino Coast – Rock Gardening on the Mendocino Coast and Sea Kayaking on the Mendocino Coast.

There is so much information on the web, but here are a few of the most interesting and useful resources that I have found. Please feel free to share with me what you have found interesting or useful and I will continue to review and post them. But for now, I am off for a paddle.

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