Apr 21 2011

Ocoee season is here…with mudslides and heavy rain.

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Last night the TVA decided to test the flume line.  While testing, Mother Nature dumped about an inch and a half of rain.   The end result is several mud slides and some amazing waterfalls.






Slice and Dice rapid has some new dirt on river left.  As you can see in the pic.









Tablesaw rapid used to have 2 lines.  Now the left line is blocked and we will be goin right.








This is one of the leaks coming out of the flume!







It reminds me of Veracruz Mexico after heavy rains.  Waterfalls everywhere.



It will be a couple days before they know if the flume is serviceable.  In the meantime we will be surfing some brown water.  Check us out at CASCADE OUTDOORS



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