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Apr 26 2014

SUP exploration south of the border!

It’s hard to tell if the sport of whitewater SUP is growing or not.  I spend half the year in Mexico and for the past five years there have only been a handful of us paddling SUP.  Lately we have been exploring new runs with new equipment.  Brands like NRS, Glide SUP, Hala Gear and Corran SUP have been helping us pave the way for new and exciting warm water paddling.

Mexico has deep water Class 3, shallow sand bottom class 2 and even runnable waterfalls for those who want the most adrenaline.

We still spend a lot of time in our kayaks exploring class 4-5 stretches of the Santa Maria.  With the season coming to an end and water levels dropping, we are continuing the search for adventure in any type of watercraft we can find!

This season we have seen rain when its usually dry for months.  The rivers have been full much longer than usual.

Spring is here and the water is flowing in the U.S.  Soon it will be time to head home.  when the weather turns cold it will be time for the warm spring waters of mexico again.  More exploration and adventure.  Join us anytime!  Contact me:

See you on the river soon!




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