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Jun 23 2016

Sawyer Paddles and Oars Venom WW SUP Paddle Review

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A few months ago i found myself on the Rio Actopan in Mexico.  We run a 22 foot near vertical slide at the put in for this wild and beautiful river.  The two rapids below the falls are in a constant state of change.  Some years they are class 3+, other times class 4.  the entrance rapid is full of rocks, shallow pushy water and a big boulder in the center.  There is a short pool after this rapid.  The second rapid has a nasty sieve pile on the right and a beautiful curving drop on the left.  It goes without saying, DO NOT GO RIGHT.  This sieve has claimed lives in the past.

Sieve is just visible tin the left side of this pic


This particular day ended up river left and my Sawyer WW Venom paddle went right.  I never drop my paddle but in this case it was wrenched from my grip along with a good amount of skin from my knuckles.  The paddle went into the sieve pile and disappeared.   An hour later our search ended.  Memo said” Bro we will find it, sooner or later!”


Well hear it is.


This incredible paddle survived 3 months in the river.  Constant battering by water, and rocks.  24/7.  This is the toughest most durable paddle I have ever seen!


The blade is nearly intact.  Sawyer knows what its doing when it comes to carbon layup.


T grip worn but still use-able.   The shaft is not bent, neither is it worn away.



Imagine the years of normal use and abuse this paddle can endure?  It is quite possibly the only paddle you will ever need for whitewater.


Sawyer Paddles will always get my business, they have earned my respect.  The WW Venom has passed the ultimate durability test.   Congratulations Sawyer Paddles.  Incredible job.


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