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Oct 25 2009

Minas Viejas…The Heart of the Huasteca!

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Minas Viejas is a run that never gets old.  It is a tributary that lies between Micos and El Salto sections of the Rio Valles.


There are multiple access points, which make it that much better.   The upper run is class 3+ with one drop being class 4.  This drop is about 16 feet with landing between rocks.


Below is a picture of the seal launch to avoid the submerged rocks.


This is the drop, below, the key is to boof into the waterfall coming in on the right side of the photo.



The 150 footer is a portage, but the drops below are classic and clean.



Velocidad is the biggest slide on the run.  It hits hard and lives up to its name.  “Speed”.

 IMG_9891 IMG_9912

The bank shot has changed since last season.  It’s now a lot easier to get right and stomp a big boof.  

Minas Viejas is 100 percent spring fed, so the levels don’t fluctuate much.  It is running good now after some rain the past few days.  Come and get it while it’s good.


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Oct 04 2009

100 Degrees in the Shade…and 80 Degrees in the Water.

The Micos section of the Rio Valles is our local training ground.  When it gets hot we go there to cool off.  The benefits are 7 of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

This is a shot of the right side of the falls we call Serpiente.


Nice slide lead in and then a 10 footer out of the pool.


When the water levels are right the lines are plentiful and big.


This is the left side of the big waterfall.  We call it the “cara”.


This is the left side.  It’s nice right now because the dropcomes at you fast, and the landing is super soft.


This is the last falls on the section.  It has 4 different lines.  This end boof is preceded by some huge lateral waves, a bouncy slide and the possiblity of running Bad Boy Falls.

IMG_9471 IMG_9480

So far the water levels are great.  With more rain we will have a longer season.  I’ll be posting more on water levels in the next few weeks.


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Oct 01 2009

Second round on the Ojo Frio

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Tean KH went back to the Ojo Frio after some pretty serious rains.  The river was up about 3 to 4 feet higher than the days before.

Nascimiento del ojo frio

Nascimiento del ojo frio

First we checked out the springs.  It was a pretty nasty, unrunable sieve pile.  Loaded with undercuts and logs. The next section was pretty uneventful.   Lots of tall cane grass and some dead ends.

high water

high water

This rapid had some of the worst hydraulics on the river.  It turned into a double low head dam.

img_9150-800x534We walked around this one and the rest was just plain fun.  The rapids below bocome continuous and fast at these levels.  It’s like the Numbers with about 3000 cfs.  Not many eddies for photos….sorry.

The gauge!

The gauge!

The log below the bridge was 3 feet from the water on the previous trip.  It was a great run, there are a lot more consequences at these water levels.  It’s a small river comes up and down quickly.  Thanks for checking us out!



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