May 05 2017


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Our KY home is filled with fantastic places to explore by SUP or Stand Up Paddling.

sup grayson

sandstone cliffs sup

you can find us on facebook at


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in the meanwhile enjoy the photos and let us know if you’d like to visit any of these amazing places!

sup ky river

Paddleboarding ky

Paddle boarding KY

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Dec 13 2014

Paddleboard Camping!

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In my relentless search for places to escape the cold, I found Mexico!  A refuge from the polar vortexes of the U.S. and also a paddlers paradise.  There is so much diversity of whitewater that you need multiple river craft to enjoy it all!

The headwaters of the Santa Maria River lie in the semi desert region between the states of Queretaro and San Luis Potosi.  150 miles from the gulf of Mexico where it finally meets the salt water.  Santa Maria has no Dams and all 150 miles are excellent runnable whitewater.  5 Canyons, miles of big water class 4-5 and a 315 foot waterfall from the Rio Gallinas make this a multi-day paddlers dream!

We recently did the most upper stretch of Santa Maria on SUP boards.  Its a 12 mile scenic canyon float with one class 4 rapid.  Our plan was to put on in the afternoon and camp beside the class-4.  Put ins in Mexico are sometimes an adventure in itself.  This particular part of the river is a favorite watering hole for local cattle!

Heather and I used the Czar 6 and Baron 6 SUPs.  The extra flotation comes in handy when carrying camping gear and food.  I carried mosquito net, hammock, rain fly, jet boil stove and K-pump.  Heather took the extra clothes, water filter and head lamps.

First day of paddling was a little more than an hour.  We found a nice spot on an island just beside the portage.  One of the amazing things about inflatable paddleboards is how comfortable they are to sleep on.  Let out half the air and you have a huge therma-rest bed.  The Baron 6 sleeps two people if they are friendly!

We decided to avoid any bug encounters in the night, so i strung our hammock loosely over the Baron 6.  This hammock has mosquito netting built in and also comes with a nice rain-fly.  it looked like rain so we used the fly as well.

After a good night sleep, re-inflate the board, take a nice river shower and we launched for the next 8.5 miles of class 2.  There are huge Sabino trees over 500 years old, a portion of the old Spanish silver train runs along the river right side.

​ The Sabino tree has one of the most impressive root sytems I have ever seen.  these old trees actually from the river back, their roots intertwine and become an unbreakable shoreline, incredible erosion protection!

As we moved farther into the canyon the riverbed starts to become very sandy.  It makes for nice soft fall if you’re just beginning to learn SUP.  There are numerous springs that enter the river as waterfalls on river left. I counted at least 5 and all were quite a bit warmer than the actual river water.  As you can imagine they are also full of incredible vegetation.

This section of the Santa Maria passes through the historic town of Conca, Queretaro.  A Franciscan mision was built here in the 1700′s.  There are 4 more, nearly identical throughout the region.  At one point the river banks to the right and you can turn and see the Mision.  Its just visible in front of Heather above the first row of trees.

If you are looking for new ways to enjoy and explore using a paddle board, I highly recommend the over night trip.  SUPs are a true SUV of paddle sports.  With the right board and dry equipment the experience is stress free and much easier than I ever thought possible.  Its your own personal watercraft and bed rolled into one.  Make sure the run isn’t too difficult because the weight of your gear does affect how the board handles.  I found that by moving back towards the tail balances things out and makes for a great workout too!
​ I know its cold in the states right now, so roll up those boards, grab some friends and head down to Mexico and see us.  Water temps are in the 70′s and there are plenty of enchiladas for everyone.

Words by Aaron  Photos by Heather and Aaron


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Dec 16 2012

The New Astral Brewer river shoes. Made for SUP.

This blog is from a SUP stand point.  SUP is much more footwear intensive than kayaking.  When we find something good..we get very excited!

YouTube Preview Image


until later




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Mar 27 2012

Stand Up Paddling down Waterfalls!


You have to choose your waterfalls very carefully when paddling a SUP.  You want the falls to be near vertical and not too tall.  The drop in these pictures is about 14 feet tall.

SUP waterfallWith these sliding drops it is very important to not use the skegs.  Either turn the board around backwards or choose a board with removable skegs.

SUP waterfallFoot placement should be in the Kung Fu stance so you have maximum stability.  I have also tried surfer stance and it worked fairly well.

SUP waterfallYour weight has to stay moving with the board.  If you are too far back the board will kick up and leave you in the landing.  Too far forward and it will sub out and become very unstable.

SUP waterfallIf you can get in a big stroke for the landing it will help to keep you connected to the board.  A change in velocity is what causes falls, whether it be the board or rider.

SUP waterfallThe downtime was pretty heavy on this drop.  I actually fell after the board resurfaced.  A board with a little more rocker will keep me from going so deep the next time.

At Kayak Huasteca we use Imagine Rapidfire boards and Werner paddles.  All can be Purchased at CKS.

See you on the river…


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Dec 06 2011

NRS Big Earl Stand Up Board Review.

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The Big Earl is a great inflatable board!   It has everything you need in an inflatable.

- Very stable design

- Removable skegs

- Extremely Rigid

- Bombproof pump and carrying bag

- Great price…$995

We took our SUPs to the Little TN river.  It was a medium flow with plenty of technical class 2 rapids.  Lake levels were down so we were able to paddle the narrows which added 3 more class 2+ rapids.

I removed the skegs knowing that the river was shallow.  The Big Earl handles just fine without the fins.  It turns well, grabs eddies and you don’t have the fear of getting superman’ed off the board in the shallows.

I was able to strap my Watershed drybag to the front tiedowns and there were no problems.  This board was designed to haul your gear.  It is wide and stable allowing you to take gear and not lose stability.

I love the weight of inflatable SUP’s!  At 29 lbs you can take this board anywhere.

I filled the board to 15psi and it was perfect for warm water and a 60 degree day.  That was 2 weeks ago and the board is still inflated.  It hasn’t lost any pressure.

If you are looking for an economical and rugged inflatable SUP, look no further.  This board from NRS will do the trick.

I haven’t tried it on anything above class 3, but I’m looking forward to paddling it down some great rivers in Mexico this year.

You can find the NRS Big Earl at:


All photos courtesy of

Have a great winter everyone!

See you on the water!


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Jun 13 2011

Badfish Surfboards!

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Mariela and I went to Colorado for a few weeks in May and June.  If you’ve never been to the rivers out west, you are missing out.  We stayed in Buena Vista, CO and surfed/paddled:  Numbers, fractions and the BV and Salida Playparks.

Carving it up

Carving it up

We were able to surf Some of the Badfish Boards, both down river and surf.  Mike and Zach are at the forefront of river surf design.  It was awesome to surf some completely original designs.

River Runner surfingRiver surf is a new very new medium.  Kayaks have been surfing river waves for years but SUP boards are relatively new.



Badfish stand up Boards are available in a variety of sizes.  5′ 11″ to the 9′ river runner. They are all hand crafted in Salida,CO.

Matt getting low!

Matt getting low!

If you are in the state of Colorado and you like to SURF?  get over and check out the boys at Badfish.

See ya on the river


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