There’s been some great feedback already on the last post, and I wanted to share this e-mail exchange from my mate Mat Newton.  Newts is an ex-slalom paddler like me, lives in Tassy, and is one of the best photographers around.

Hey Mally,

Just checked out your new blog. We are just back from two weeks boating in North Queensland. Paddled the North Johnstone and the Herbert.The NJ is the countries best multi day steep creeks. Virtually  one rapid continuing for three days through dense rainforest. The Herbert is more like a warm version of the Franklin with big rapids and waterfalls separated by pools and fantastic beach campsites every night. We had a few of your Val Sesia moments on the NJ  !  It was really interesting to read your observations having just been through the same experience. And amazing to have come to pretty much the same conclusions from them. I reckon there is a few more years of boating left in us still !

Couple of pics below 1. NJ steep creaking with a fully loaded boat ! 2. One of the canyons on the Herbert


Matthew Newton

Photography / Cinematography


GPO Box 1585, Hobart, 7001

Tasmania, Australia




Hey Mate
glad you liked the blog!  Would you mind if I put up your note and photos on it?  Th NJ looks awesome, maybe it needs to go on the list.  I’m thinking about trying something special for late 2012 early 2013 (I turn 50 in December)

Hey Mally, No worries you can wack it up there.
The NJ is definately worth putting on the list.
Not only is the river amazing there is loads of wildlife including fresh water crocs, and very large snakes (5 meters long !) to keep you busy…
NJ creeking with a fully loaded boat

NJ creeking with a fully loaded boat

Herbert River canyon

Herbert River canyon